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Hugging Picture "Bapas, I love you Bigger Than the Sky."

This site is dedicated to the book, "Bigger Than the Sky", which tells the true love story of a grandfather, battling ALS, and his first born grandchild, Emilie. The bond developed between them through the first five years of her life is as wondrous as it is captivating. The site will also introduce you to the other grandchildren, no less precious, but because of the eldest's rein, they did not develop the magical bond that the book describes. In addition, you will meet the grandfather, Steve and his remarkable, devoted wife Helene who has cared for him solo since 1994 while pursuing her career. They keep a very active lifestyle as you will see in the travel section. In addition, special recognition is given to the many members of Steve's Team, the group of individuals who have stepped forward to make a difference in our lives both before and certainly subsequent to the ALS diagnosis. Enjoy!

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