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These are the family members, professionals, friends, and even pets, who we OWE our gratitude to for their time and energies in supporting, caring, advocating, and enabling roles. We are "dependently wealthy" because of them.

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Deac Art Kevin & Linda Bob-o Miles Patty Antoine & Nathalie Alexi, Jim, Phyllie Marlene Mary, Andy, Jacob Theresa Bobby, Bob, Meaghan, Patrick, Mo Michael & Marianne Putter Anna, Karin, Samuel Blake Bonnie Donna Kim, Hailey, Bob-o, Stephen Pastor Ralph Peter & Babette Ann, Amelia, Jeff, Maggie Mark Cheryl Jo-Ann & Ann Joe Kim & Joseph Jordan & Samantha Jaymin, Brender, Sydney Robin Marc & Rainer Kevin & Elisa Kevin & David Natalie, Susan, Sandy Andy & June Kathleen Sandy & Ed Juana Big Ron Judd, aka Teahead [Deac], Lou & Marie John & Sue
Joyce Ann & Big Bro Barefoot Dr Kilfeather Michelle Kim Sara & Dave Jeanne Dr Duff Dr Kuncl Kaye Aunt Marge & Douglas Anjali Lee & Paul Jean Marie Michelle & Mark Bev Laura, Bill, Claudia Colleen Cousin Jean, Ed Steve Dr Duff, Meghan, Erin Nick Pumpkin Jasper Rebecca Zach Nate Uncle James Aunt Helene Dr Egber Katherine & Molly Marilyn & Bill Lynn Mick & Pat Vasilisa & Alexey Jodie Mom Tommy Dale Hannah & Ireland
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